Managing Finances, Protecting Marriage, and Being an Involved Dad with Joshua Foo
Parents in TechJanuary 29, 2023x
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Managing Finances, Protecting Marriage, and Being an Involved Dad with Joshua Foo

On managing finances and being tactical in leveraging free resources, protecting the romance in marriage, and involving himself with the family, Joshua Foo shares his Parent in Tech stories as a father to two girls and two boys, aged 19, 16, 15, and 11.


Joshua Foo is the Regional Director at Chainalysis. Prior to joining Chainalysis, he spent 18 years in the IT and cyber security space, managing infrastructure at security teams and the Singapore government before moving to the private sector as the Sales Director for FireEye, RSE, and Cardboard Black VMware.


In this episode, Joshua wisely reveals his personal experiences and rational observations to other Parents in Tech. He narrates their financial management in this expensive parenting culture, the importance of date nights every once in a while, and how to have a meaningful and intentional relationship with kids.


He also shares perceptive and enlightening parenting advice, especially for those who are struggling with, or are planning to have, 2 or more children in this technological-driven world.


To get in touch with Joshua Foo, find him on LinkedIn:

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