The Importance of Rest, Personal Mastery, and Setting Boundaries with Nathaddeus Tan
Parents in TechFebruary 05, 2023x
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The Importance of Rest, Personal Mastery, and Setting Boundaries with Nathaddeus Tan

The importance of rest, how parenting requires high self-awareness and discipline, and being firm with setting rules. I talk to Nathaddeus Tan about his experience with paternity leave, managing his emotions around his children, and the parenting styles between him and his wife.


Nathaddeus is Regional Sales Manager at Zscaler. When I recorded this episode with Nat, he was a Territory Sales Manager at SalesForce for almost 5 years, and has consistently been one of the top performers in his team. At Salesforce, he was selected for the prestigious Salesforce Leadership Accelerate Programme designed to groom future leaders. Nat is father to two young children, aged 3 and 1


Nat talks to us about how he married his childhood sweetheart, and how being a father was always one of his aspirations. He shares the expected and unexpected which he encountered throughout the journey of fatherhood, and how he views “work-life balance”. For him, parenting has been a demanding but thoroughly enjoyable adventure, and taking breaks from work is how he creates time for himself and his family. 


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